Narzan Gold

naturally carbonated mineral water
Narzan in bottles with a gold label is a natural mineral water of natural aeration.
The unique technology of bottling (atmosphere contact-free) is used during production.
The mineralization at direct filling doesn't decrease and remains unique natural level
of aeration and natural taste of water from a source.

Narzan Silver

carbonated mineral water
The Narzan company offers mineral water with carbonic acid addition specially
for those consumers who prefers more aerated production.
Aerated "Narzan" it will be possible to distinguish on silver color on a label and a bottle cap.
Also the characteristic of water is specified on a label.


carbonated sugar free soft drink
Shorli is carbonated sugar free soft drink based on Narzan mineral water with natural juice.
Produced in for tastes: “Shorli Apple” , “Shorli Marocco Orange”, “Shorli Lemon Grapefruit”,
“Shorli Pomegranate”.
Special glass bottle 0,5

Ice Pearl

carbonated soft drink
Sugar based lemonades with different tastes – traditional and modern.
Carbonated soft drinks based on artesian water "Ice Pearl" with natural fruit juice and sugar.
Lemonades are very popular among children and other ages.

Ice Pearl

artesian water
Still and carbonated drinking water of highest quality with mild taste from the Artesian well.
Suitable for food preparation and ice.
Quality is verified by PC


New product of the company, accomplishing the non-alcoholic beverages range.
Based on artesian water “Ice Pearl” and high-quality juice concentrates.
Packed in modern slim aseptic pure pack with unique premium design.
7 different tastes and two types of package 0,9 and 0,75 l.