Essence of the Narzan

For the whole year round the water from melting snows, mountain
rivers and rains is draining into the ground through a complicated system of fissures and cracks.

It takes future Narzan 6 years to travel from the glassier
to the spring and in this journey Narzan is acquiring its highly valued properties.
Infiltrating through different subsurface rocks, the water is enriching by vital minerals and salts.

Deep volcanic activity gives our mineral water one of its most precious qualities - natural aeration.
Saturated with minerals and carbon dioxide mineral water is congregating in underground lakes
and finding its way to the surface in mineral springs of magnificent curing power.
This is a story of famous Narzan.

Production of Narzan Company is certified not only in Russia but also by EU certification and allowed for import in EU countries

Composition Narzan

The Narzan company always pay much attention to the aspects of high quality of product,
and is now certified with ISO 9001 and US) 2000:2005.
It’s own laboratory thoroughly control all stages of production and bottling.

Narzan is the natural mineral water with unique balance of mineral salts.
Healing classicс palatable mineral water. Well – deposit in Kislovodsk
(wells 7-РЭ, 107Д, 5/0, 5/0-bis, 2Б-bis)

Not high level of a mineralization (g/dm3: 2,0-3,0) allows to drink it every day,
and the rich structure of minerals does water properly useful.

Basic ion composition, mg/dm3:

bicarbonates HCO3-1000 - 1500
sulphates SO42-250 - 500
chlorides Cl-50 - 150
calcium Ca2+200 - 400
magnium Mg2+50 - 120
Na+ + K+
50 - 250